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New Technique for Quick Software Calendar Navigation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241862D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-05
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Disclosed is technique to lay out an electronic calendar on a sphere in order to reduce the number of clicks a user must make to select the year, month, day, etc., thus accelerating the navigation process.

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New Technique for Quick Software Calendar Navigation

Current software calendars on both mobile and non-mobile operating systems require multiple clicks to navigate to specific year followed by a specific month for a user to see a future event or past event . A more efficient method is needed.

The novel technique presented herein is to lay out a calendar on a sphere in order to accelerate the navigation process . The approach is to reduce the time complexity of month navigation from n to a constant and reduce the time complexity of year navigation. This not only increases navigation speed, but also improves gesture-friendliness on mobile devices, over current solutions.

The technique is to display the calendar in the form of a sphere. The calendar then presents the user with the current month and current day selected by default, similar to current software calendars. When the user pulls the sphere down, the North Pole comes into focus, and then the system presents the user with two rings, representing the equator and Prime Meridian. The months are laid out on the equator completely while the ring representing the Prime Meridian contains a set of years laid out on the visible part of the ring. The user scrolls through that ring in either direction for past/future years.

Using this technique cuts user navigation time for months to a constant of two clicks or two gesture actions, and significantly reduces the number of clicks to reach a specific year.

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