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Inline Commands In A Message Field Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241865D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-05
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Disclosed is a method that allows a user to both route documents and alert team members inline.

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Inline Commands In A Message Field

The method disclosed herein enables users to both route and alert other team members inline when issues arise with particular documents without a lot of overhead, icons, and buttons. The following provide details regarding the above described method:

• The symbol, @(user name), signals a direct connection to a user name that follows the @ symbol. The identified user receives an alert in an associated inbox or notifications that have a direct link to an object in an application, allowing the user to take immediate action on the object.

• The symbol, #, precedes the action. For example, #reassign, represents the action to move the object from one user's queue to the queue of another team member with a link for immediate action.

• Other actions:
- @all alerts the whole predefined team to an object (the user does not need to know all the team members)

- @curator alerts the assigned curator role. Other roles may be alerted by the following actions: @Data Expert, @Project Lead, @SMEs (all Subject Matter Experts on the project)

- #delete places the object in a delete list that is accessible to a master user for approval of deletion

- #approve routes the object to a designated approver

- #corrupt alerts another user that the object cannot be reviewed and needs remediation

• A history or log of each object (and collection of objects) may be easily sorted and understood by the different commands.

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