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Method to secure pattern screen lock on mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241917D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-09
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This disclosure provides a new pattern screen lock which is more secure than the traditional pattern screen lock. For the traditioanl pattern screen lock, gestures used during the unlock are exposed directly to other people/camera devices around, this is a security vulnerability. This disclosure provides a secure pattern screen lock , of which there is no such secure vulnerability.

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Method to secure pattern screen lock on mobile devices

Screen lock is used widely on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to protect our data on these devices. One popular and common screen lock of them is pattern lock . It can be easily unlocked with our fingers if the pattern is known to the user.

However, there is a security vulnerability of pattern screen lock: when the user is unlocking the screen, gestures made duing the unlock are exposed directly to other people/camera devices around. They can easily get the lock pattern via watching gestures even without the need to peep at the screen.

Currently there is no known exsiting solution to solve this security risk of pattern screen lock after patent search.

In this invention, a method will be introduced to provided a more secure pattern screen lock.

When an user is going to unlock the screen via pattern lock, a random pattern is generated at the screen. To unlock the screen, the user needs to erase unnecessary/uncorrect lines which are not part of his/her pattern on the screen, and draw parts of the pattern which are not on show on the screen.

When all these are done, the correct pattern will be gotten and the screen is unlocked successfully.

Assume the lock pattern of one user is as following(which should be keep secret):


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Figure 1: The correct pattern to unlock

When the user is going to unlock the screen, a random pattern will be generated and displayed on the screen like following: