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An approach to enhance the code review quality

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241918D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-09
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An approach to enhance the code review quality and efficence. This article will foucs on how to enhance the human code review effience , provide a new approach to review code change . With this article , we will explain the current code review approach , analysis the drawback , then provide the new approach , explain the mechanism of the new approach and how it can help reviewer to finish their work. The main idea of the article is to provide the runtime stacktrace and variable change informations to reviewer , help them understand the code change easily , lower down the requirement and working effort to code reviewer.

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An approach to enhance the code review quality

   Code review is a process of examine the software source code , it is a very popular approach in many organizations . Code review run by machine or human reviewer , what we discuss in this patent is the latter case. There are a lot of approaches/ methods to explain how to build a code review toolkit , how to notify the reviewer , how to set up the code review process . What we want to discuss in this patent , are some significant drawback of current code review approach.

   Currently , all code review approach is provide an plain-text compare editor to the reviewer , maybe have someprogramming language highlight mark , it is the only help code reviewer can get. But as we know in this case , what the code reviewer can saw is the static code, not really runtime code run logic.It will request code reviewer have very strong technical background and very deep understand of the software design philology ,and profound understanding of the logic in the code .It is really very high requirement for the reviewer . And obviously , the code review result is highly depends on the code reviewer and it is really a big problem for organizations to find qualified code reviewer.

  In this invention, we will provide new approach and combine several existing integrated development environment functions, to reduce the difficulty of code review and provide the code reviewer more powerful means to do code review, also get better effective of code review.

    With this invention, will significant enhance the code review effective and significant lower the bar of technical requirement of code reviewer .

    Main idea of this invention is to provide an approach, to reproduce the code running situation onsite , give the code reviewer a direct view of how the code works , do not need them to image/deduction the logic of code. For example : What provide to the code reviewer , not only the changed code and original code , but also include a subset of the key stack trace or some key field value changes history by visual aids.

  And when reviewer review code , we will provide the code reviewer two more things: 1. The caller hierarchy of the changed code , show as a diagram to code reviewer , it will help them to understand the potential impact/risk. 2. In this approach, the reviewed code change will loaded into a temporary local code repo, so the reviewer can treat t...