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Publication Date: 2015-Jun-09
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To verify part quality, a detection method to authenticate the precision groove width, size, depth, and location is necessary.

Currently robust methods to achieve these requirements in high volume automotive production environments are time consuming, complicated and introduce additional measurement variation due to the quantity of probes used to measure these type features.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) would utilize several right angle probes to measure all required feature sizes, locations, forms, etc. This method is quite time consuming as a probe change is required after each measurement is taken. Also each individual probe requires calibrations periodically, which wastes time that could be used for part measuring on the CMM. Additional measurement uncertainty is incurred due to the errors associated with each probe change in the CMM.

CMM Right Angle Probe - current inspection methodology


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CMM Disk Probe - current inspection methodology

A new process has been developed to eliminate the need to do probe exchanges during the measurement of these internal groove feature characteristics. (size, location, form) The new probe design allows all the necessary measurements to be obtained without the need for a probe change thus eliminating the measurement uncertainty associated with the changing of probes in a CMM and reducing the time required to perform the measurements. This new measurement method, utilizing...