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A way of determing geolocation without information from satellite or cellphone base stations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241942D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-10
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In this article, we introduce a process to find out current geolocation by measuring azimuth and elevation angle of certain landscap.

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A way of determing geolocation without information from satellite or cellphone base stations

This invention will provide a solution for locating using a hand-held device(e.g. smart phone).

Currently, locating one's geolocation is mainly done using information of GPS/GLONASS. GPS/GLONASS system has relatively high accuracy, but this solution is based on good reception of the satellite signal, which is not guaranteed when the weather is cloudy.

Another way of locating is using the information of cellphone base stations, or combining the base station information with GPS/GLONASS(a.k.a. A-GPS). However, this solution needs the device to connect with multiple base stations, which can't be guaranteed. And this solution doesn't work in CDMA systems.

Nowadays, it's commonplace for a smart phone to have camera, accelerometer, electronic compass and three-axis gyroscope. With such capabilities, the location of the device can be determined using the following values:

1. The direction of a landmark (e.g. the Eiffel Tower) from the compass.

2. The value of the three-axis gyroscope when the device's camera is point to the top of the landmark.

3. (Optional) The altitude of the device.

This method doesn't need signal from satellite, or multiple cellular base station. Although less accurate than GPS solution, this method could be very useful in case of bad satellite signal (e.g. in big citys, or in doors)

The following is how the method works.

Open the device. This may need to start an application in the device


Point the device to the landmark and record the value of compass.


The user holds the device horizontally, and point the device to the landmark, then notify the de...