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A method to display video component across tab in web browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241944D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-10
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In current implementation of web browser, multimedia, especially video, is fixed on the web page. However, not like the plain text which requires fully attention of users, video normally can be watched in a distracted way. This invention improves the functionality of present of video module on web browser by allowing it moving with the browser tabs during its switching. For example, when the user switch from the original tab1 to a new tab2, which may be a new tab opened from it, the video part will go with it and continue its playing content.

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A method to display video component across tab in web browser

Recent years, the usage of web browser is more and more common. The functionality in it is also more and more plentiful. Multi-media such as video and audio often embed into web browser with other text. Normally the video part in one web page is fixed on a location. When users have to switch to another tabs, he will not be able to see the video content in the original web page. And since the video plugin is just a section in the HTML code that can be easily extracted. It is actually movable across tabs.

Now there are attempts to solve this problem by setting up builtin floating windows in operation system and video content will be showed in there after opening. And it will be always on top level so it won't be covered by other windows in the same operation system, which makes the video part be able to go anywhere. This approach requires built-in function that most of video plug-in didn't have. So it can't solve the same problem existing in the web browser.

Another attempt is to create a tool-bar underneath the web browser and independent with all the opening web pages. And video opened from the tool bar can normally be moved across the browser. However it still can not deal with the situation that video component is a part of one web page.

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