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IPL skin treatment device with combined high- and low-voltage adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241979D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-11
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Title:  IPL skin treatment device with combined high- and low-voltage adapter

An improved intense pulsed light (IPL) skin treatment device is described, for example a photo epilator. Such a device comprises a broadband flash lamp, for example a xenon lamp, and an electrical capacitor to power the flash lamp. In preferred embodiments, the flash lamp and capacitor are both arranged in a hand-held body of the device. To charge the capacitor, a high-voltage electrical supply must be available, typically with a voltage in a range of 200-600 Volts, for example 400 Volts. In known photo epilators, the high-voltage electrical supply is provided by means of a high-voltage transformer arranged in the hand-held body of the photo epilator, and the photo epilator comprises either a rechargeable battery in the hand-held body or a wall-plug type electrical adapter to provide a low-voltage electrical supply to the high-voltage transformer in the hand-held body. A disadvantage of these known architectures is that the high-voltage transformer is rather bulky and thereby increases the size and weight of the hand-held body. In addition the high-voltage transformer generates unwanted heat, which requires additional cooling capacity in the hand-held body. A known alternative is to incorporate the high-voltage transformer into a base station which is electrically connected to the hand-held body of the photo epilator. However, such a base station is not preferred by most users.

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