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Method and System for Assisting a User to Walk using a Drone Apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241984D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-11
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A method and system is disclosed for assisting a user to walk using a drone apparatus.

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Method and System for Assisting a User to Walk using a Drone Apparatus

People can succumb to mobility issues because of various reasons such as , but not limited to, weight, age, personal handicap, and/or physical injury. For example, a user

who has undergone a knee surgery needs assistance for first few weeks while the user is recovering from the knee surgery. Generally, patients have to rely on other people or a walker for help throughout the first few weeks of recovery.

Disclosed is a method and system for assisting a user to walk using drone apparatus by propelling the user upwards. The drone apparatus can be attached to the user similar to a vest or a backpack to propel the user upwards and to disperse the user's body


In addition, the drone apparatus monitors user movements and prevents user from falling during walking and suggests a preferable weight preference value based on user's progress in walking.

Consider a scenario, wherein, a user has undergone a knee surgery and requires an assistance to walk. In accordance with the method and system, the drone apparatus assists user to walk by propelling the user upwards, thereby relieving stress/impact on knees and helping in user's mobility. The drone apparatus disperses user's body

weight according to user weight preferences and by propelling the user upwards .

Accordingly, if the user lowers the body weight preference, the drone apparatus propels the user upwards into the air to assist the user to wa...