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Novadyn™ polyamides – Versatile Semi-aromatic Polyamides Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242005D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-12
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INVISTA has launched Novadyn™ polyamides – transparent polymers that can also be used as differentiated blend additives to improve traditional nylon performance. Novadyn™ polyamides are highly versatile semi-aromatic polyamides with a unique combination of performance, cost effectiveness and recycled content. In the attached, the white paper related to Polyphthalamide 201 (PPA 201) is previously published online at UL Prospector® on August 20th 2014 (submitted July 31st, 2014). The white paper related to Polyphthalamide 101 (PPA 101) is previously published online at UL Prospector® on October 1st, 2014 (submitted mid-Sept., 2014). The updated white papers are available at the INVISTA NovadynTM Polyamide website link.

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Polyphthalamide 201

Collaborate with INVISTA on evaluating developmental transparent nylon: Polyphthalamide 201 (PPA 201)

Why innovate with PPA 201 transparent nylon?

Face any of the following challenges? Start a discussion with INVISTA.

Are you seeking alternatives to traditional clear thermoplastics such as polycarbonate?

Are you looking for lower-cost materials to replace expensive transparent nylon-12 based systems, while meeting minimum application performance requirements?

Do you currently use a transparent nylon that misses application requirements for higher temperature resistance, stiffness or moisture absorption, leaving your only choice as a much higher-priced material?

Are you limited by the current range of transparent nylons and desire to expand your design options with a new and differentiated offering?

Do you have corporate or customer sustainability goals that can be met by using materials with recycle content?


Similar to other transparent nylons, PPA 201 is designed to improve chemical and stress crack resistance in applications where polycarbonate fails. Transparent nylons also have excellent processability, mold shrinkage, dimensional stability, molding characteristics, and colorability.

Compared with low-cost transparent nylons such as nylon 6I/6T, PPA 201 provides improved thermal properties (Tg and HDT), lower moisture absorption, and higher stiffness.


INVISTA is committed to becoming the transparent nylon cost leader, building upon its integrated low-cost raw material position.


PPA 201's unique combination of properties is derived from DYTEK® A Amine, a monomer which is used in many high performance specialty nylons. DYTEK® A Amine is typically 99 percent pure and manufactured from recovered and refined materials that would otherwise be burned with heat recovery, giving PPA 201 at least 45 percent recycle content.1

1 Recycle content is defined by ISO 14021, section 7.8, with preliminary estimate of recycle content based on small-scale R&D production.

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Polyphthalamide 201

Transparent thermoplastic comparison


Low-cost transparent nylons (e.g., nylon 6I/6T)

PPA 201

High-cost transparent nylons (e.g., amorphous nylon 12)

Relative Cost





Heat resistance





Moisture resistance










Chemical resistance: diesel & biodiesel





Chemical resistance:
aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons





Where: - Poor, + Good, ++ Very Good, +++ Excellent

* Expected to be comparable to other transparent nylons based on screening tests and composition. Results of confirmatory testing will be reported.

Comparison of PPA 201 to low-cost transparent nylon

PPA 2012

Competitive nylon 6I/6T4

PPA 201


Test method




Glass transistion temperature (˚C)





HDT @ 1.8 MPa (˚C)

ISO 75




Flexural modulus (GPa)