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Physical to Virtual Network Topology

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242007D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-14
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A system and method for depicting physical to virtual network topology is disclosed.

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Physical to Virtual Network Topology

Disclosed is a system and method for depicting physical to virtual network topology.

Virtual networking systems can be very complex and difficult for customers to visualize. Diagrams are hard to decipher when there are many components and connections

within a system.

The disclosed system provides a graphic representation that displays end-to-end networking resource relationships, from the virtual partitions to the physical network. In addition, this topology allows users to interact with the diagram by rolling over/clicking on items in order to follow the connections throughout the diagram. Allowing a user to

visualize a virtualized network aids in the configuration and troubleshooting of the environment.

As depicted in Figure 1, the physical hardware, and virtual concepts associated with virtual networking and turned into visual elements. The virtual system may be for example, logical partitions (LPARs), workload partitions (WPARs), or virtual machines (VMs).

Figure 1


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The elements in Figure 1 must be able to expand (horizontally and vertically) to accommodate arbitrarily large system configurations. Over the life span of a virtual network, physical hardware and virtual elements may be added or removed from the system, or moved around within the system.

Figure 2

Figure 2 utilizes highlighting to depict selection of elements within this graphic representation allowing for expansion and contraction of the dynamic...