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Computer Chassis Penetration Vacuum Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242009D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-14
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An innovative designed vacuum head attachment which enables the removal of lint and/or debris built up in the system (air-cooled unit) behind a perforated grille without the actual removal of the grille.

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Computer Chassis Penetration Vacuum Head

Presented is a device to vacuum debris from behind a perforated grille without need to open the system or remove the grille.

Air cooled devices and systems are typically covered with a perforated grille to allow air in but trap Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) generated by the system or device. Lint and small debris are usually carried inside the grille by the air flow and build up on the devices inside including heat sinks. This debris build-up will reduce cooling efficiency and may lead to damage to and early failure of the devices. Generally, to remove this debris, a system must be powered off and the grille or system cover removed to gain access to the debris which can then be removed with a regular vacuum attachment.

Known solutions to dislodge and/or remove debris behind a grille include compressed air spray canisters. These solutions are most effective at dislodging dust which can be carried through the system and removed on the existing air flow stream. Dislodged debris will typically just be driven further into the system rather than complete removal. An additional solution is required to remove debris without system interruption.

The core idea of this invention is to provide a solution that can attach to an existing vacuum device but applies new mechanism/attachment to get inside of a limited assessable unit to remove debris. The advantages include being able to access the interior of a system for cleaning or...