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Motorcycle filtering assist Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242045D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-16
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Disclosed is a system which uses radar devices to determine the width of a gap between two obstacles, enabling a motorcycle rider to safely filter through traffic.

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Motorcycle filtering assist

In slow-moving or stationary traffic motorcycles will often filter through the middle of traffic to reduce congestion and waiting times. Naturally, the gaps between cars can often be quite small and motorcycles must proceed with caution, and sometimes they will even collide with cars if the gap is too small.

    In the system herein, two radar devices sit on the widest points of the motorcycle, usually the mirrors. When the speed is sufficiently low the radars begin to measure the distance from each point on the bike to a point in front of them.

    In a situation where the rider is not in danger of colliding with any vehicles, the two radars detect equal (or near equal) distances. If the distances become increasingly small and the speed of the motorcycle does not decrease then the system provides an alert through an audio signal or vibration through the handlebar grips.

    In a situation where one radar measures an arbitrarily large distance (for example, 20 metres) but the other radar measures a smaller distance (5 metres). This would indicate that there will be a collision on the side of the motorcycle where the radar detected a smaller distance, and the rider is alerted as mentioned previously.