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A system and method of debugging based on resource oriented Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242064D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-17
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This article presents a new method of debugging -- Set resource (file/table) as breakpoint -- Debugger stops at the source code where the resource is read/update -- User can enable/disable the resource breakpoint -- Resource breakpoint can co-exist with other normal breakpoint

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A system and method of debugging based on resource oriented

In agile develop process, we often need to change the code that initially developed by other people, sometimes the source code is hard to search when we about to add a new function, eg, we need to locate where the code that created a file, or change a file , or we need to search to code that generated an image or change that image, or some other resources like that, so that we could add new logic to this process.Sometimes the code positioning will waste a lot of times and hence our disclosure is focused to solve this problem .

This disclosure introduced a new method of code positioning where source code are doing operation on a specified resource, as the debugger could get the signal from low layer of system when a resource be operated.

The breakpoint could mark at the application object, like generated file.

A simulated mock up could be provided to give user opportunities to mark the breakpoint


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Figure 1, flow chart of setting breakpoint


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Figure 2, flow chart of debug


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Figure 3, architecture