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Privacy in Instant Messaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242067D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-17
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Instant messaging has become a primary communication platform through various electronic display devices, computers, cellphones, tablets, etc. With this rise in popularity comes privacy concerns, especially when individuals are using this in a crowded place. The idea presented in this paper addresses this concern. In an active messaging chat window, the previous chat contents (text, images) will be visible to anyone looking at it. The proposed idea is to make the contents illegible to any unwanted viewing by greying them out.

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Privacy in Instant Messaging

Following are the key features of the proposed idea.

1. Greying out the contents in chat window based on user actions (eg: every hit of Return key)

2. Greying out of selective contents based on user actions + utility (eg: highlight the content and press a button)

3. Enable/disable of the greying out feature.


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Implementation details:

1. Add an action button (similar to smiley insertion) in the chat window.

2. This button can be toggled to enable/disable privacy mode (with change in button colour to show the status)

3. When it is enabled, any chat content (text / figure) will be processed with an overlay, thereby rendering them unreadable.

4. When it is disabled, this overlay will be de-activated, making the contents visible.

5. The overlay can also be applied/removed on selective contents by highlighting with a mouse pointer select/drag over the same


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