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System and method of detecting real-time emotion in a web conference Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242080D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-18
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As business going global, people in different countries and sites use web conference for communication. With current technologies, people can detect who is speaking and his/her chat history in a web conference. However, the currently known technologies do not provide a solution that can detect real-time emotion of the participants in a web conference. Knowing the real-time emotion of the conference participants can better facilitate communication. So, how to detect users' emotion? This invention detects conference participants’ emotion by capturing their real-time photos when they activate the dialog box. The emotion photo is sent out along with the messages as the user's portrait. Whenever users send out new messages, their emotion when they typing the message will be sent out simultaneously. Therefore, the portrait is updated in real time. The portrait can be dynamic graph or static graph. The function of this invention is optional. If you don't want to initiate this function, you can disable it.

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System and method of detecting real

System and method of detecting real-

--time emotion in a web conference

time emotion in a web conference

This invention includes three modules: activation module, graphic processing module and portrait generation module.

Activation module: When a conference participant moves cursor into the dialog box of a meeting room , the camera of the computer is automatically opened to capture the participant's facial expression as a photo.


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Graphic processing module: The photo captured by the camera is transmitted to the graphic processing module . In this module, the size of the photo is adjusted accordingly to meet corresponding needs. Users can also customize the setting in terms of style and color etc.


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Portrait generation module: This module receives the emotion photo adjusted by the graphic processing module, updates the portrait with the emotion photo, and then sends out the emotion photo with new messages.


Miya and Eddie are attending a web conference and they are chatting in the web dialogue.

Miya: How are you?

Eddie: Every well, thank you.

Miya: What's today's topic?

In the first message, Miya did not enable the function of detecting real-time emotion, so her real-time emotion is not seen by other attendees.


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In the second message, Eddie enabled this function. Eddie is happy when he received greeting from Miya. So his portrait displays his happy face.

In the third messag...