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Method for Determining Effectiveness of Software Use Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242103D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-18
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Disclosed is a method to provide the managers of software development teams with feedback about the level of effectiveness with which users are utilizing software. The method produces an Effectiveness of Use Metric, which not only provides an understanding of user/software effectiveness, but also renders recommendations to consider for future development.

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Method for Determining Effectiveness of Software Use

A method is needed to enable end users to view and describe the level of effectiveness with which a particular piece of software is being used. Some companies may track usage or other statistics, but very few actually make that information publicly accessible to the end users.

The novel contribution is a metric that provides managers with a personalized understanding of the value proposition of the software entitlements under ownership. The Effectiveness of Use Metric allows managers to understand how effectively end users are utilizing the development team's software. Effectiveness of Use represents a personalized understanding of a product's value proposition. The Effectiveness of Use Metric describes an individual's interactions with a piece of software. It is a way of understanding usage, productivity, and cost.

The value of the metric comes from the idea of comparison. Humans are bad at understanding absolute quantities. However, humans do have an incredible, intuitive ability to make comparisons, even making meaningful comparisons between things that are very different. This type of subjective comparison across disparate domains is a big part of how humans learn and develop ideas.

The Effectiveness of Use Metric combines information about an individual's objective usage and subjective productivity. It accounts for the cost of a piece of software. It allows for the comparison of individuals, products, and...