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General Gap Analysis for Autonomic Networking (RFC7576)

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Original Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2015-Jun-19
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S. Jiang: AUTHOR [+3]


The general goals and relevant definitions for Autonomic Networking are discussed in [RFC7575]. In summary, the fundamental goal of an Autonomic Network is self-management, including self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing, and self-protection. Whereas interior gateway routing protocols such as OSPF and IS-IS largely exhibit these properties, most other aspects of networking require top-down configuration, often involving human administrators and a considerable degree of centralization. In essence, Autonomic Networking is putting all network configurations onto the same footing as routing, limiting manual or database-driven configuration to an essential minimum. It should be noted that this is highly unlikely to eliminate the need for human administrators, because many of their essential tasks will remain. The idea is to eliminate tedious and error-prone tasks, for example, manual calculations, cross-checking between two different configuration files, or tedious data entry. Higher-level operational tasks, and complex troubleshooting, will remain to be done by humans.

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Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)                             S. Jiang Request for Comments: 7576                  Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Category: Informational                                     B. Carpenter ISSN: 2070-1721                                        Univ. of Auckland                                                             M. Behringer                                                            Cisco Systems                                                                June 2015

              General Gap Analysis for Autonomic Networking


   This document provides a problem statement and general gap analysis    for an IP-based Autonomic Network that is mainly based on distributed    network devices.  The document provides background by reviewing the    current status of autonomic aspects of IP networks and the extent to    which current network management depends on centralization and human    administrators.  Finally, the document outlines the general features    that are missing from current network abilities and are needed in the    ideal Autonomic Network concept.

   This document is a product of the IRTF's Network Management Research    Group.

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 Jiang, et al.                 Informational                     [Page 1]
 RFC 7576            Autonomic Networking Gap Analysis          June 2015

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