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The Diet Advisor

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242116D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-19
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Disclosed is a system to use cognitive computing in a diet advisor application to help guide users and patients to the most beneficial health choices. The system provides comprehensive health advice based on an analysis of the user’s current medical readings, one or more existing illnesses, and current medications.

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The Diet Advisor

Healthy eating improves overall quality of life. This is especially true for people who are obliged to follow specific diets due to the onset of a disease or illness. Keeping track of dietary restrictions due to an illness and/or prescribed medication can become complicated. It is more complicated when other factors such as illnesses or diseases, other prescribed medications, genetic, food allergies, or intolerances are present.

Current diet applications exist; for example, one that is specific to diabetes helps with tracking food consumption and blood sugar levels. However, it does not take into consideration any additional illnesses, diseases, or other medications a patient may be using, and as such is only a partial solution. Illness-specific applications exist to monitor variables related to diabetes, for example.

Applications can also monitor a user's exercise level and blood sugar level; however, dietary consideration or other medication or diseases present in the body are not monitored.

A more comprehensive diet advisor application is needed.

The novel contribution is the Diet Advisor. This is a system to use cognitive computing in a diet advisor application to help guide users and patients to the most beneficial health choices. It harnesses all known data from research around the world providing a specific diet for the individual patient based on known facts in combination with the user's unique set of health and genetic histories.

In addition, this Diet Advisor application with cognitive computing capabilities can be closely integrated with an existing healthcare database residing in a cloud network, assisting health diagnosis applications to determine the most compatible treatment -based illnesses or diseases, and food allergies and intolerances. With access to the collected data from biometric devices , patients can receive a more holistic solution to battle an afflicting ailment. As all aspects of a patient's physiology are co-monitored and cooperating with each other, the user can have peace of mind that the solutions are comprehensive.

A user's overall health is intrinsically connected to a holistic approach of diagnosis of diseases or illnesses, prescribed or non-prescribed medications, biometric device data collection, and nutritional dietary requirements. As much as prescribed medication assists patients in maintaining good health, food is an important contributor to either improving or worsening health conditions. To maintain good health, a custom nutritional diet that is compatible with the treatment of the disease or illness is essential for recovery and eventual elimination of illnesses.


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Figure 1: Implementation of cloud healthcare offering

The novel Diet Advisor assists patients and doctors by:

Providing compatibility between prescribed or non-prescribed medicine and custom diet for combatting specific illnesses and diseases


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Altering diets when condition...