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A method of effective notification in IM based system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242173D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-23
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A method and system for more efficient and secure messaging collaboration. The provided disclosure suggests a mechanism for effective evaluation of risks and errors in the collaboration software. The potential errors and risks are evaluated according to the nature of social relationship between the sender and the receiver.

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A method of effective notification in IM based system

With the expansion of Social networks usage and availability, people tend to invest significant time of their day texting messages and SMS using various type of application from popular mobile based application such as social networks and instant messaging systems and finally to texting contact person using a smart phone.

This technology everywhere in tap of your finger makes our life convenient, but impose some human error mistakes that we would like to avoid.

Sending a message with inappropriate content to the boss or typing a wrong number in a on line financial transaction can have a huge impact on businesses and/or on our personal life.

It is true that most of these mistakes can be avoided with double checking of the written content prior to sending it out.

However, even the best of us can get overwhelmed or lazy. We don't always think through our actions and this can considered as a Human nature behavior.

Although for Smart phone users there are special applications that avoid sending wrong messages such as 'UNDO SMS', those application limit the UNDO action within a predefined time interval, which the common user may pass easily.

For many people, an added confirmation dialog box is just annoyance, f its pop-up for every send you make.

The purpose of the suggestion is to offer a complementary solution for this problem, by suggesting an effective method of user content verification rules on message prior to sending it .

A method of effective notification in IM based system by using variety of user notification technique to match up with the user best preference and usage habit.

Our invention is to define the nature of the social connection between the sender and the receiver of the message, and to apply the content verification rules on the message prior to sending it. A mitigation action can be taken if needed.

The idea is to create a mechanism that will incorporate different kinds of information like (but not limited to) organization directory, communication logs, mail, instance messages, social activities graph, social network activities history etc to create a map of user connections. For each such a connection a connection type will be defined. The connection type can be one of the following: FRIEND, CLOSE FRIEND, FAMILY, COLLEAGUE, MANAGER, CUSTOMER, etc.


    A predefined rules mechanism will be applied on each connection type, defining the process of message corrections. For instance, for the CLOSE FRIEND connection type only the most severe correction should be taken, while little typos can be left.

For the COLLEAGUE (which defines a more legal nature of communication) the correction should be applied on more errors types of types of information sent out,

For the MANAGER the rules should be more strict than for the COLLEAGUE

And finally (in our example) the most strict rules should be applied on the connection type CUSTOMER. The message sender will not be allowed to...