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A mechanism to recommend alternative URL with social relationship Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242187D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-24
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There are cases that when we click a link on internet and realize that's not the information we are looking for " after the" content of the link is displayed. This invention proposes a system to provide instant alternatives of the link to users through other users' suggestion, system analysis on the same topic, and user's own feedback.

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A mechanism to recommend alternative URL with social relationship

Nowadays, the Internet provides a wide variety of information and hyper-link is one of the widely used methods for presenting information. It links associated topics and points web visitors the location of related topics and resources. As the Internet can be quite dynamic, it's very common that linked web resources be removed, be migrated to different locations or be replaced with different content. Therefore, unless web owner constantly checks hyper-link validity, it's easy for web visitors to run into broken link or invalid link problems.

Broken or invalid links have negative impact to user experience. If a hyper-link leads the user to an error page or an irrelevant page, usually it makes the user feel frustrated. And the user might assume the website content is of low quality since it's poorly maintained. To prevent broken or invalid link problems, some technologies have been proposed. The modern solution are no more than:

Web visitor reports it, web page author fixes it.


Web service redirects the user to the new host server. (e.g. host server migration)


Web designer utilizes site scan tools.


The question is, when encountering broken or invalid links, is it possible to redirect the visitors to the desired web pages quickly, in the perspective of socialization?

The present invention takes social interactions into consideration and proposes a more intelligent way of fixing broken or invalid links. When the system detects that the link might be broken or invalid for some reasons, a dialog will pop up and suggest a list of alternative links. The alternative links are either generated by the system or suggested by the user's social network friends. If none of the listed links meet the user's expectation, there is also an embedded search dialog where the user can place search requests.

To resolve the issues of broken or invalid links mentioned in Section 1 above, this invention proposes a system to provide instant alternatives for link users in such cases. These alternatives are mainly presented in three forms:

Other valid and available links or resources suggested by other users of the same interests as the user.


Other valid and available links or resources suggested by the system that might be useful to the user on the same topic (by tracking and analyzing the


behavior and results of all related link users in point 3 below.)

A search tool which allows the user to seek alternative links by inputting appropriate key words and to visit the resulting pages in the same session. If


a satisfying alternative is found, the user can feedback this result to the system to serve the purpose of point 1 above.

The advantages of the proposed invention are:

Providing a more dynamic and real-time fix for broken or invalid link issues in web pages.


Such fixes are more accurate and useful to users because alternatives are provided by other users of the same interes...