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Real-Time Public Transportation Commuter Rerouting System and Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242198D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-25
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The invention is a system for providing commuter real-time public transportation information before and during transit. If there is any traffic or weather change detected, the commuter will be alerted and will be presented with a new route. The system will constantly monitor and updates itself with any changes until the commuter reaches their destination.

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Real-Time Public Transportation Commuter Rerouting System and Method


During public transportation, every commuter will have a dilemma on deciding which route or mode of transport will be the "fastest" to the commuter's destination. With today's technology, commuters are able to use mobile applications to the basic information of arrival time of the transport (e.g. bus, train, etc.), but using these applications has the following limitations:
1. There is no live real-time data available to pre amp commuters on an impending delay ahead due to weather changes, or congested road build up, etc.

2. Mode of transport and route taken are not dynamically updated according to the current situation of traffic, weather conditions, etc. So when the commuter is still in transit, the commuter will not know if the route taken is still the "fastest" route to the destination.

3. Upon boarding the bus / train, the commuter is not prompted that he/she has boarded the wrong bus/train.

4. Upon the bus / train arrival, the commuter is not aware of whether the transport has reached it maximum boarding capacity of passenger and is unable to "squeeze" onboard due to safety reasons.

Known solutions and their drawbacks:

Currently, there are a lot of computers and mobile applications that can generate real-time public transportation information to a commuter based on the commuter's entered route. This works by using a system that generates the best route based from the collected information from other servers and displays it to the user. But once the commuter boards the suggested public mode of transportation, the application will not generate any alerts to the user if the weather or traffic condition changed and varies from the collected information.

For example, if a commuter boards a bus based on the suggested route but an accident happened along the route, no notification will be sent to the commuter. The commuter will continue with the suggested route, eventually getting stuck thus delaying his or her travel.

Related patents

1. Implementation of a real time passenger information system

This paper is about an intelligent transportation system that allows public vehicles to create routes and tagging of stops. This is to help the public transportation system to become passenger friendly.

This is different from the proposed invention since we don't change the bus route but suggests a different route for the passenger who is on board any given mode of public transportation.


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2. Method and apparatus for generating routes using real-time public transportation information (US 8467957 B2)

This prior-art gives the real-time public transportation information to a passenger based on the passenger's route. The patent will then generate the best route from the collected information and show it to the passenger.

The proposed invention on the other hand provides real-time public transportation information to a passenger before the passenger boards...