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System and Method for Enabling Custom User Defined Security using Device Affinity and Geolocation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242201D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-25
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Disclosed are a system and method for users to define details for secure access to online accounts. To extend current security measures put in place by online account service providers, the solution adds options for user-defined security details based on specific devices and geographic locations.

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System and Method for Enabling Custom User Defined Security using Device Affinity and Geolocation

As an increased number of technology users gain access to personal and financial

accounts via Internet connections on mobile devices, the number of instances of fraud, identity theft, financial theft, etc. has also increased. Current security systems and operations, such as the implementation of user identification (ID) and password codes are minimal at best.

Users tend to access online accounts (e.g., email, baking, etc.) through trusted devices and computers only. Users seldom use other non-trusted devices to access online accounts.

To increase online security a method is needed to allow users to define preferences for accessing online accounts such that only certain trusted devices can access accounts

with sensitive information. This should include the option to either temporarily or permanently add, remove, or change those trusted devices. Thus, users have device affinity for associated account access. Device affinity is defined for the specific trusted device that the user owns (added into an account) and not to all the generics of the same device or different brand.

The novel contribution is a system and method for users to define details for secure access to online accounts and to be able to participate in the whole system of security measures. This is a successful approach, as users know which details and entries will

work best to meet personal standards to secure a device or geographic location. The

whole system helps users avoid identity fraud and protects a user's identity by enabling

the online account access to trusted devices. This methodology further helps when users plan to access associated accounts from trusted geographies by not asking any security related questions when the user accesses an associated user account from a trusted device and a trusted geographic location. The removal of this step reduces the likelihood that untrusted third parties gain access to the secure answers, codes, IDs, etc. upon a user's entry on either trusted or untrusted devices or geographic locations. By blocking users from signing-in through an unauthorized device and outside the trusted geographies, online account access service providers protect users from fraud and illegal account access.

The disclosed methodology enables users to define security details for online account access including specific devices and geographic locations. This includes the user's choice of geographic location as associated with the device affinity in order to allow online access to trusted devices in trusted geographies. Users can add, remove, or change the trusted devices, geographies, etc. either temporarily or permanently. Users can extend the security by adding and applying other security policies. Users can also temporarily alter or disable the device affinity and/or geographic location for account access prior to accessing the online accounts via oth...