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Business Email Platform Feedback Enhancement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242211D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-26
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Disclosed is a system that expedites the triaging of issues in an extended business email system by capturing unique user information related to an issue, analyzing the user information and issue, determining the uniqueness of the issue, and automatically creating a defect based on the uniqueness.

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Business Email Platform Feedback Enhancement

Current business email platforms can include not only the traditional mail and calendar functions , but also have social network connections and real-time communication tools. The result is an extended cloud-based experience optimized for web and mobile that allows users to focus on top priorities, find and share content, and take control of action items. The drawback of a single platform containing so many functions is that an agile project with many components can have thousands of issues . These issues can be backend, related to the environment, in the user experience, or any combination of these. Support teams have difficulty capturing the large number of issues at the times of occurrence.

For example:

1. User A is a user of an extended business email platform

2. User A creates a new message

3. User A attempts to insert an image into the body of the message

4. User A receives an error message

5. User A contacts support, opens a ticket, recounts the problem, and hopes the ticket is addressed

With current systems, individuals are forced to use the rigid support processes, which are not flexible enough. A method is needed to streamline the process of capturing the issues and more intelligently triaging the issues, so all customer issues are addressed.

The novel solution is a system that expedites the triaging of issues in an extended business email system , by:

1. Capturing unique user information related to an issue

2. Analyzing the user information and issue

3. Determining the uniqueness of the issue

4. Automatically creating a defect based on the uniqueness

The system may alternatively associate an issue with a defect based on matching conditions.

The user information includes:

Environmental data (e.g., operating system, browser, time, date, etc.)

User details (e.g., friends, contacts, social networks, groups, etc.)

Browser details (e.g., hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) headers, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), request, response,


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plugins, etc.)

Build details (e.g., software version, etc.)

Steps (e.g., instructions to reproduce, last-clicks of the mouse or keyboard, screenshots, etc.)
Unique email system/platform data (e.g., enabled features, people bubbles in view, etc.)

To implement the system for business email platform feedback enhancement :

1. System captures unique user information related to an issue (as listed above)

A. Information is captured from the browser's document object model, browser headers, and other details that are easily obtained. The system can also use existing technologies to get this data coincident to the identification of the issue .

    B. The user details may be retrieved from a profile in the system later, or coincident to the issue
2. System analyzes the user information and issue to determine uniqueness

A. The analys...