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Selective Filtering of Printer Information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242227D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-26
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Selective Filtering of Printer Information

Authors: Jerry Boldt, Sorin Botan

Disclosed is a program that does selective filtering of state and status information from a printer. This information could be about the printer itself or a job processing on that printer. This filtering is needed when using a new printer with an existing software system that does not know about all of the possible states and statuses that can be supplied by that new printer. It is also useful for mapping from various information sources supplied by printers, such as SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) or JDF(Job Definition Format), to a software system that uses JDF. The filtering can be general, or it can be selective to the software system requesting the information.

A software layer provides connection from products to the printers (called printer connector), most of this communication is done via JDF/JMF(Job Messaging Format) between the products and the printer connector either via queries or signals. For recent printers that also can communicate via JMF, there are new state and status values that an existing product version cannot process correctly. If the product would receive one of these states it would cause behavior that is unacceptable to the product owner and the customers if they would see it. The printer connector can add support for new printers asynchronously from the product releases and exposes the products to this potential issue since the product version was d...