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null Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242236D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-26
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a composite of coal or a solid biomass and Bio-crude and methods of using the same

A new method for inhibiting the accumulation of dust onto the surface of coal or a solid biomass or a mixture thereof comprising applying bio-crude onto the surface of the materials is disclosed. The bio-crude acts as a dust suppressant by acting as a binding agent for the small particles. The bio-crude application acts as a freeze protectant by reducing water penetration into the materials during winter storage or other low temperature conditions.

During storage and end use of these materials, small particles are formed by abrasion between larger chunks of material which occurs as the materials are transported and stored. In some cases the coal and biomass may be intentionally ground to fine particles or turned into pellets to make them easier to use as fuel. The small particles regardless of source tend to become airborne with any air disturbance and form an environmental and safety hazard. The dust can have a harmful effect on lungs when inhaled and studies have shown the dust can build static electricity which may cause an explosion if discharged.

The bio-crude may come from any source including many that are renewable including but not limited to hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) processes. The bio-crude may be applied by any method including being sprayed onto the materials or being incorporated by admixing the bio-crude with the coal or biomass and extruding the mixture to form a pellet....