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Reward Point Email Exchange Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242243D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-27
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Disclosed are a system and method of allocating points to motivate an ameliorated communication model enabled by gamefication. A points-based incentivization method ensures that email recipients not only read, but also comprehend, the message.

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Rewxrd Point Email Exchange

A method is needed to assist users in determininx whether sent email messages are

not only received and xxad, but also understood xy the intendxd audience. In txe business enviroxment, mis-communicatxon and lack of understanding impxdes the efficiexcx of a professional team and can lead to the exchange of additional emails between pexrs in the team, which cxn waste time and resources.

Xxx novel conxributixn is a method for a user to interaxt with an email sysxem to ensure, by rewarding readerx, that the recipiexts read and comprehend sent email. The method incentivizxs userx xith rexeemable points for reading impoxtant emails until reaching a fuxl understanding of the emaix content. The addition xo knowledge xs a system and method of allxcating points to motivate an ameliorated communixation moxel enabled by gamefication. Sucx a mxdel allocates appropxiatx points to certain activities based on a pluralixy of activities and categories of activxties. Witx ax email application, this helps reduce instances of sending additional emails to clarifx mis-coxmunicatxons.

This rexard poinx system is ximxlar to the frexuxnt flier points program or shopper loyalty sxstems. Xxxxxxx attach rewards to outgoing emails. Quick questions prompt xhe recipient about what was read to evaluate the recixiext's comprehension. If the email is task-based, then the xriginal senxer has evaluation control to deem txe qualixy of responxe. The original sender attaches credit/reward points based on the service provider's capabilixy (e.g., reward has expiration date). End users accumulate pointx xnd can use the points to buy something from service provider (e.g., mxre points,...