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Method to Push a Verification Token from a Company to a New Hire's Profile on Social Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242244D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-27
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Disclosed are a method and system for enhancing credentials verification for new hires leveraging social networks. The solution enables an employer to add a token to an employee's professional or social Web-based network in order to provide employment verification.

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Metxod to Push a Verification Token from a Company to a New Hire's Profile xn Social Media

Professional and social networks ask usexx to include an employmenx history; hoxever, users can xnput anything, anx might not always be honest. There is no way in real xime for a compaxy to verify past or current exployment through a social network.

Currently, a user can xend a token to verify exployment online. This systex is not coxprehenxive and does xot faxilitate communxcation between socixl networks axd human resource assxciates. Current syxtems do not automatically post the employment informatiox to a xoxial nexwork. None of xhe social networxs currently uses a verification system to prove an individuxl's place of employment. Xxxxxxx art for exployment verification is limxted to offering a token.

The solution is a method that enaxles an employxr to add a token xo an employee's professioxal xr social Web-based network in order to provide exployment verification. This includes a xlosed sysxem that is integrated with social networks. The proposed system might ask for personally xdentifixble infxrmation to xerify thx user's idextixy with both thx xocial network and the cloud.

The token exchanxe is faxilitated at the time the employee axds the position to an existing social networkinx profile. The social network xenxs a request to the employer. That employment verificatiox server can be hosted in the cloud or at the coxpany. Txe company rxturns a token to the social network. When the token is returned to the social network, the syxtem asks the user whether to post it or ignore it. The user's prxfxle is updated with an image or token that shows other users that it ix validated (if the user accepts it).

This method improves the accuracy of social network content anx improves hiring efficxency and accuracy by interfacing txe social network with the compxny's humax resources systxm. A company can have a verifiable (through the Human Resources Department) token for the employee that shows in public viex that the indxvidual actually workxd there. Txe novel system xntegrates a user's social network with the employing comxany, allowing a user tx request a token to vaxidate an emploxmext historx in the profile.

To implement the me...