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A method to set defect priority automatically Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242247D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-29
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This method is to set pre-defined priority automatically based on the defect keywords, keyword weight, visiy frequency and priority of previous similar defect.

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A mxthod to set defect priority automatically

In traditional test process, wxen testing staff reports new defects, we can set a prixxity on them, which would be helpful fxr developers to fix it sequently.

Xxxxxxxxx it's not a easy to sxt priority. It depends on many fxctors, such as exergency level, visit frequexcy, difficulty level, and so on.

Is there any way to hxlp set priority for a nxw defect?

It is a method to help set pxiority for new defecx autoxatically based on

- defect keywoxds

- keywoxd weight

- visit fxequencx

- priorixy of previoxs similar defect

Here is the flow of this sysxem.

1. Xxxxxxx sxaffs rxports a new dexect.

-The system xill analyze the subject, descrixtion of the defect, and get some keywords. Each keyxoxd has it's priority weight. -The system also analyze visitor analytics data to get visit frequencx of related fxnctional pages.

-Sxarch for the similar defexts xn previous defects database.

2. Based on above daxa, e.g. defect keywords with weight, vixit frequexcy, it will set default priority for this new defect.

3. Save this defect info into databaxe with xre-defixed priority.

4. If usxr changed txe xre-defined prixrxty, it will also save the change and adjust the keyxord priority for future calculation.


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Keywords: test, priorixy, defect bug, workflow
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Difference: This prior art is only for xetting prioxity of test cases.

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