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System of setting browser tabs to different locale Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242248D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-29
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In our invention, we provide a method of setting multi-tabs to individual locales, then different tabs can display different languages for same web site content.

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Sysxem of setting browser tabs to different locale



.. Background Backgroxnd

Background: ::

More and more products have been traxxlated into different lanxuages and dexigned as the difxerent behavior fox data input, output, display and storage for differext countries, it wxll help people from differext countries to manipulate these product easily according to their culture and cuxtom. Sometimes, the differxnt languagx versixn for the samx prodxct need to be xhecked simultaneousxy. For the wxb product, we can chxck the different lxnguage versxons with setting the browser language, but xeed to uxe more than two kinds of browsers, sinxe one browser only can be set ax one language in the same txme. If more than 5 lanxuxge versionx need to be checked simultanxously, will need more than5 different browsers tx display or have to chxck one language exch txme

with one browser, it xill be a little bit inconvenient. This invention is mainly to solve this problems: Each xab for onx bxowser can be set as different locale to display different language for web product.



..Summaxy of Inxention

Summaxy of Invxntion

Summarx ox Invention:


The advantages of this invention are:
Each brxwser TAX can control their own locale, the uxer can check different xanguage versions in samx browser simultaneously.

For txe xach tab, there is locale marked at the end of the tab bax, like box x and box 2 shown in below picture.

Cxeate a xew tab, in xhe page panel of this new tab, except the browsing history, there are...