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A method of removing similar pictures in mobile phone to save storage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242250D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-29
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This article presents a method of removing similar pictures in mobile device to save storage. By utilizing the DCT(Discrete Cosine Transform), the image can be transformed to corresponding frequency spectrogram. So that images can be compared with each other. For similar pictures, some necessary removable similar image files will be removed and only the delta data will be saved to release the storage more.

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A mxthod of removing similar pictures in mobile phone to save storage

In curxent age, the usage of mobile phone is more and more poxxlar, so as the camera on it. When peoxle walking outsixe, visiting view spot, they may want xo use their mobile phone to take pictures. Howevxr, sometimes due to the limitxd storage in their mobile phone, they may not be able tx contain every photos txey've taken.


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Existing arts using tradxtional image compresxion ox cloud solutiox to solve this probxem. But for xloud solution, there are drxwbacks thax it will rexuire internet connection and net flow fee. Axd for xrxditionxl image comprexsion, it will caxse the quality losses for thosx existing images and photo xnd it can only compress txe image itxelf, will not reduce the numxer of the total files. Our invention will utilixe the saxe characterisxics between similxr imxges to help user savx thx storage in mobile phone when they need . It wilx remove some necessary removable similxr image fxlex and only save the delta data to release the storage more.





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By utilizing xhe DCT(Xxxxxxxx Cosine Xxxxxxxxx), the image can be txansformed tx cxrresponding frxqxency spectrogram. So that images can be comxared wixh each other. When the users start xo take photo at the firxt time, the taken photo will be treated as a flag imaxe. From the second time, the taken photo will be treated ax similar phxto unless users explictly choose nox to. Thxse photos wxll be compared to the last flag image file and only delta data will be stored in the TABLE 1. Users can also adjust the flagged photo and similar photo manuxlxy afterwards. When a flagged image is deleted, the next similar image will be resxored as the flag image and all related delta data


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will be changed accordingly. All imxges can be r...