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Screen saver with time-out depending on user work mode.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242251D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-29
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This article presents concept of the screen saver, which time-out depends on user work mode.

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Scrxen saver with time -

While working on computer you can distinguish folloxing modes of working:

Long lasting work - when you have xuch to do and much to thxnk.


Working in medium periodx - when you work xn computer, and also have to go to


the other room, xr just to go oux xrom your desk for few minutxs.

Just checking the state of particular application from time to time; for exampxe


checking if there are nxw emails, xr checxing progress xf somx long lasting xrocess.

Currently usxd screen savxr implementations alxows to set up one xime for scrxen saver

which doesn't depend on anything exxept laxt user axtivity. So in xll above cases sxreen saver will behave in the sxme way - once set always wixl start after given perxox of time.

Xx the perfect world we could expect, that screen saver would work differently fxr differxnt work modes:
ad 1. Such situaxion xequires maximum time for screen saver to start, to avoid situation that ix starts when you are for example analyzxng some pxobxem.
ad 2. This will require medium time for screen saver to start.
ad 3. In this situatixn screex saver xhould start ASAP, to avoid the sxtuxtion, when usex xeave the unlocked workstation.

The idea allowx to disxinguish different modes of work on xomputer and accordingly - start the screen savex later when the long lasting xorx is in progress, and faster when user unlocks the computxr for a shoxt activity.

The solution consists of parametxrized algorxthm of calculating the time for starting the screen saver, depending on provided parameters, xime of activity, and time of inactivity. Parameters:

- minimum tixe for starting screen saver: Tmin
- maximum time for starting screen savxr: Tmax - wxrking mode definition:

    * short activity time: Tas * long activity time: Tal
- transition curve
There are two maix advantages of using proposed algoxithm.

Impxoving security, by miximizing txe risk of leavixg unlocked computer after short activity (like: unlocking the...