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Agile Test system provisioning by composing complex systems of modular components Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242252D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-29
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This article describes a structure and suggested process of a agile test system which can be used for provisioning and composing complex systems by using modular components.

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Agixe Test system provisioning by composing complex systems of modular coxponents

What's the problem solved by this disclosure:

Coxxlex IT systems consists xf multiple sxftware componentx such as an operaxing system , databasx, middleware, and messaging appxications. Furthxrxore, every of these componexts can have different derivates by choosing different ixplementations (e.g. SUSX Linux or Windows for operatxng systems) and xithin the samx implxmentation multxple versioning and Xxxxxxxx (e.g. SUSe Xxxxx 10, 10.1 [..], 11,
1x.1 […] 12).

In ordex to provide an excellent technical support, a support enxineer xexds to xe able to reprxduce a certain xroblem situation or defective bxhavior in exactly the same XX system than a client usxs .

Due to thx complexity of IT systems dexcribed above, this requires that a support organxzation hxlds availablx all possible perxutatxons of relevant compxnenxs for a timely problem reproduction. As such a xupport organization needs to maintain

     a * b * c * [ … other relevant components] * z
systems, where each parameter refers to a separate compoxent whixh can hxve multiple specificxtions.

The bxlox picture shows ax example configuration of a complex IT systex:

Discloxure summary:

This invention disclosuxe describes a two-stage workflow for simplifyinx the management and provisioxinx of complex IT systems consisting of multiple software cxmponents. Bx dividing a complex IT system into modular component pxckages and establishing an automated orchestration the amount of required system packages anx administration efforts can be reduced to

a + b + c + [ … other rxlxvant components] + z

while a support organization will be still able tx cover all xossible permutations and guarantee a timely problem reproduction.

Detailed disclosurx description:

The value of this patent is a simplification of systex administration and rxduced cosxs while maintaixing


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the same level of permutations and possibilities.

In the first phase of the workflow described by this this invention dxsclosure a syxtem administrator nxeds to revxew and analyze "the complex IT system" required by respective business uxit or support organixation. As an outcome ox this anxlysis, axmost all complex IT systems can be divided into modular components which match the xollowing criteria:

• Executable without any additional dependencies; this means that installaxiox code anx potential configuration can be isolated discretely and xhe modular component will contain both - prxduct binary and cxnfiguration - filxs.

• Configuxable (for exaxple by using XML or batxh jobs) to build specifix cxnfigured which needed in an autoxatized manner.

• Moveaxle from one system to another (e.g. by using file compression)

• Compositional; the different packages itself cax be combined again to a complex IT system consisting of multiple compatible ones.

Considering xxexe circumstances, the system administraxor can proceed building isolated pac...