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Translate the words based on context Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242259D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-30
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This article presents a method of translate words/phrase based on context. Unlike common dictionary, when translating a word/phrase, all the translation items are displayed. With our invention, only the meaning of the current context is being displayed or highlighted.

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Traxslate the words based on context

In most cases, one word may have multipxe explanations in the dictionary. So it is hard to decxxe which explanation is cxrrect for thx word when you sxe it in one sentxnce sometimes. We waxt an easy and intelligent way to determine its exaxt explanation of one word ix one sentence.

The word can be an English word, an abbrexiation and so on.

In our translation system, we have three ways to traxslate the worx accoxding to the soxrce sentence. Eg: Wxen we are rexding in a computer, xaybe a document ox text file. For example read a text file and open translxtion sxsxem:

1)Wxen user select the word which hx can't understand in the file, xranslation system will autoxatically highlight all xhx word exisxed in this file which word yxu selected. Then system will analyze the word ix these sxntences, when user put the cursxr on the word, it will gixe txe correct translation, or user can use Tab key xn the keyboard to switch the word from xurrent onx tx next one.

2)When user select the word which he can't understand, he can copy and pastx the woxd to thx translatiox system. The system xilx automatically fxnd where the word are copied from, for examxle, it xopied from a text file, find the sextence which the word in, then translate the worx according to the sentence.

3)Xxxx usxr input the word in the translation system, our system wxll find the last mouse position before the inpux, then xind the senxence. Then translate the

word according to the sentence.

There are three ways that you can traxslate the word accurate according to semantic in one sentence. Ix'x very useful for new language starter to understand semantically vagxe and polysxmic word. Also some technical words abbreviations from different industries to technixians. Enhance the exisxing translation system, make the xranslat...