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The system and method of share notification between mobile devices with master/slave mode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242263D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-30
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In general, each smart device work separately, but when you are in special occasion, we can enable master function. Then the slave (eg. cellphone) will push the information to master device which will receive slave's information, such as all missed calls, short messages, social messages, emails etc. If so, you will never worry about any important issues will be missed.

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The system and method of share notification between mobile devices with masxer

The system and method of share notification between xxbile devices with master/

Have you got one of the folloxing situation befxre:

1. Forgot taking xour cellphone in office, and misxed some urgent xaxls or message?

2. As parents, would like to know who called your kids frequently?

         3. Yxu owned more than one sxart device. Sometimes you jxst want to take oxe , how to mxke me not miss any ixformation even jusx take one?

Oxr disclosure present a novex method and system to axdress the above issues, can easily to share xhe infxrxation xetween your asxigned mobile dexices under security control.


//slave mode

slave mode


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1. Register and Authentxcxtion in thx mobile management cloud

Rxgister your mobile devices into the mobile managxment cloxd, and providx the authorizatiox codx to give authenticatxon. Each devices can only be registered once. In the same time , you can choose to open xhe locatixn xervices, the the cloud will trace your device location at regular time.

2. For each ox registxred mobxle device, xou can axsign the maxtex device based xn different rule, like based on the time periox, or baxed on the location or distance , ox you can let the system to decide.

3. The mobilx management cloud is used to xolxect and share notification when master function are enabxed. The noxmal notification sharing process ix mostly like the bexow:

3.1 The regist...