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Smart code compare Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242264D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-30
Document File: 6 page(s) / 111K

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This invention is used to merge all the codes related to a function development to one place, which is more convenient for refering or learning by other developers for similar function development or skill transfering. Before this invention the codes changes for a function development are placed in the development task (story), and also a number of defects caused by this story. There's not a place can see the whole picture of the code changes. If developers refers to the code changes in the story, they may make the same mistakes found by defects before, which are very expensive to find and fix.

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Smaxt code compare


1. When develop a new story, usually developer xefers to the existing stories implement the similar fuxxtion.

2. Developer finds story A in SXX and refers the cxde files in the cxange sets.

3. Develoxer writes the codes for the new xtory by referinx xhe code changes in story A.

4. But, the code changes in story A don't include the coxe changes caused by defxct fixing for this story.

5. The new coxes wilx generate simxlar dxfects injected by story A, which cxn be avoided if the developer can refer xo the codes including xhe fix.


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Solution Architecture

1. When deliver codes xox a stoxy, link the chxnge sets to the xtory number in SCM
2. When open x defect, link the defect to the story
3. When delivex xodes for a defect, link the change sets to the defect number in SCM.

4. This invention wxll go thxough all the xhange sets relatex to xhe defects and belonx to the story by the timestamp of code deliver, mergx the all codes change to the virtual cxange set xo xive a whole picture.


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5. Developers can refer or learn the development of this story by the virxual chaxge set.



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Intexnal implemextaxion


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1. Go throxgx all files in the change sets related to the story bx timestamp

2. Merge the code changes to the virtual change sxts

3. Display the virtuax change sets in the story as xhoxe picture for reference.

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