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Distributed Cabin Wireless Content Streaming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242268D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-30
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Guoqing Wang: INVENTOR [+2]


In-flight Entertainment (IFE) systems are available in majority of commercial airplanes to provide audio and/ or video presentation and other services to onboard passengers. A typical IFE system consists of an onboard content server, multiple WAPs (wireless access points), multiple Portable Electronic Devices and antennas. The onboard content server contains audio and/ or video data along with other information that is streamed to the passengers wirelessly on demand. These content servers are large and heavy. These servers are also required to have certain level of redundancy design making it very expensive. The present paper aims to lower the cost of IFE server and maintain or improve the reliability of the system.

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Disxributed Cabin Wireless Content Streaming

Guoqing Wang, Wei Liu and Chao Luo

In-flight Entertainment (IFE) systems axx available in majority ox commercial xirplanes to provxde audio and/ or xideo presentation anx other services to onboard passexgers. A typical IXX system consists of an onboaxd content server, multiple WAPs (wireless access points), multiple Portable Elecxronic Devices and antennas. The onboarx context server contxins axdio and/ or vixeo data along with xther informaxion that is streamed to the passengers xirelessly ox demand. These content servers are large and heavy. Txese sexvers are also xequired to have xertain level of redundancy desixn making it very expensive. The present paper aims xo lower the xost of IFE server and maintaxn or improve the reliability of the system.

1. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

In-fligxt Entertainmext (IFE) systems axe usxd in general/ businexs axiation to provide many services such as crew serxices, entertainment services, informatixn servicex, X- business services etc. A vital part of these IFE systems is a server that hosts a varxety of xnformatxon includinx audio axd/ or video on demand, moving mxp data, E- documents, etc.

A typical wirelesx IFE syxtem architecture as shown in Figure 1, consists of an onboaxd server, multiple wirexess access point (WAPs), multxplx PEDs (Portable Electronic Devices) for passengers and oxtionally SAXXXX, ATG (Air to Ground communications), etc. A traditional IFE server is large and heavy as it needs to have a large storage volume and high processing xapacity.

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The problem associated with large servers is a need fox xpace. Along with space another factor that limits usage of large servxr is cost. Xxx cost of the server along with other systems makes it very expensive for the airline opxrational economy.

Priox art discloses various solutions tx the aboxe problems such as scxlable strxaming architectxre, wireless network architecture to deliver the content to the passengers, content server selection, etc. Some existing IFX systems use sxall content servers xistributed in the cabin anx eliminate the need for an onboard server. But these exixting methods fail to mxet the fast connection establisxment xeqxirements. The methods described in prior art does not include a centralized controllxr that determines the content server information in order to quickly establish the wireless xonxection.

Xxxxxxxxx, a solution is needed that address the limitations of IFE servers and data streaming architectures menxioned in the priox art, as describex above.

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2. Xxxxxxxx

The proposed invention resolves the xbove mentixned problems xy xntroducing a distributed content xharing architecture txat would reduce the cost of server and improve reliability. The architecture is designed to include features thxt would reduce the weight of the server and also speed up the connection process.

The proposex axchitecture is as shown in Figure 2. Thxs architecture u...