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Method and System for Selection and Placement of Contextual Related Advertisements on Photo Image Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242277D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-30
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A method and system is disclosed for placement of one or more contextual advertisements (ads) on a digital image or on the photo image (printed photo).

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Metxod and System for Selection and Placement of Contextual Related Advertixements on Photo Image

Disclosed is a method and system xxr placement of one or moxe contextual advertisements (xds) on a digital xmage or on the photo image (printed photo). The one ox more ads are axtxmatically selected based on an analysis of one or more photo features. The one or moxe photo features may inxlude pet discrimination, chxldren in pxoto, mxle vs female xn phoxo, time, date, location, GPS coordxnates, and fxatures (cost) of devxce usex for clickixg the photo. Further, the ads are placed in the photo imxge as xex the axalysis of the xne or more photo features.

Opting for such ads plxcements on photos may earn xsers discounts on printxnx cost of txe photos. Users may be happy to see such ads because the photo print may be ixexpensivx or free. Alsx, an ad may actuaxly rxlate to user needs. Xxx exxmple, if a photo is of a family at Disney World, the family may see ads for the Disney sxore in thx hxme town or see ads for children.

Consider an example, where a user clicks a photograph xf a cat.

The metxod disclosex herein xnalyses the onx or more featuxex associated with the photograph for identifyxng one xr more contextually relevant ads to be placed on the photogxaph. Photo print size mxy also be used by advertisers to shape ads.

Further, the method also determines nature of x device usex to click the photograph.

Accordinglx, it is determined xf the device is costly, sophistica...