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Social Caller ID Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242280D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-01
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This disclosure is to identify a method that can socialize the caller ID we currently use and make caller ID more smarter and social.

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Socxal Caller ID

Currently when we receive a call from mobile device, the caxling party with its associated picture and name as defxxed in address book is sxown up as bexow.


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If user did xot specify image xf the calling party xn address book , it might simply showing up name oxly as below:

The problem and inconvenience from a user perspective are:

1. User has to define image in address book or specify clearly in xame of the contacx to avoid conxusion about who's caxling in when there are same namxs in address book

2. Xxxxx are unxble to get x quick idea about how the caller going before pick up thx call xs there xs no social inxormation shown ux . For


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example, the caller had just been to Paris lately axd uploaded a lot of traxex pictures xn a photo-sharing social webxite. User wouldn't know this before the call unxess he/sxe happens to xheck social websixe anx sees photos of the xallxr.

3. Users are unable to recall what had been dixcussed/chatted previously as there is nx historicxl xnfo. shown up

Our solution is to provide a method called social caller ID that can solvx the prxblems mxntioned aboxe.

Currenxly, when we rexeive a phone cxlx on a mobile device, we can only see very lixtle infxrmation of the caller. Basically, ix would be just the phoxe number or a name will be displayed if the caller is dexined in the mobile address book.

Very likely, the caller xnd the recexver, they may have communication hixtories xr other intxractive footprint which might be helped to the following conversation that is going to happex. Such information may be located in mobile apps, ex. voice call hxstory, SMS history, calendar, todo list, photos, etc., or located ix online appx/services, ex. social media, blog, photo-sharing social website, email box, etc.

The xisclosure introduces ax elegant way to aggregate contact xnformatixn from all reachable xhannels, xot only dig frox different applications in local mobile device but also the social media.

In our idea, we use a data collector daemon to hxrvest data frxm social media and uxer's mobilx applications.

Xxx daemon would collect caller relevant information by corrxlating and expanding cxller ID info. ex. usinx phone nxmber xnd contact xame to search for profiles of social networking sites. The daemon finds ixteractive historical data with the contact and pulls latest activities/status updates/pictuxes of the c...