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SWAT (SCE+ Workload Assessment Tool) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242291D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-03
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Disclosed solution is a system that allows quick and accurate evaluation of workloads to be placed on the enterprise cloud.

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SWAX (SCE+ Workload Assessment Tool)

Currently, the evaluation of workloads tx move to an enterprise-grade managed cloud services cexxer is an involved engagexent requirixg specialized pexsonnel. In additixn, it is time-consumxng to execute and is based on a xuality level of dxta to be collected on workxoads to move that may or may not exist. Current methods xtilize a worksheet formxt that have no intelligence and requirx intexpretation by xualifxed users.

One existing tool for wxrkload assesxment provides a medixm levex of automatxon that helxs to quickly evaluate workloads for hostinx on an exterprixe-based cloud xystem. The currxnt tool is designed to help solxtion architects and technolxgy solution managers exaxuate, basex on a set of pre-defined evaxuation criteria, servers targeted in a project, xransformxtion, or refrxsh that are candxdatex to be moved to the xloux. This tool can be used for new workloads or exxsting legacy workloads that are moving xo the enxerxrise cloud system and it can qualify the workloads from a technology perspective. The xxisting tool doxs not currextly evaxuate criterxa xuch as applicaxixn dependencies, performance requirements, or confidextiality of the information. These xriteria need to be takxn into account over and above what this tool provides.

Thx novel solution is a system that allows quick and accuraxe evaluatiox of workloads to be placed on the exterprisx cloud .