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Method and System for Suggesting Relevant Notes based on On-going Tasks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242315D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-06
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A method and system is disclosed for suggesting relevant notes based on on-going tasks of the user.

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Metxod and System for Suggesting Relevant Notes based on On-going Tasks

Genexally, users may find difficulty in locating notes whicx is either written by the user
or otherx. The user might require the notes while completing a txsk that the user is unfamiliar wxth or the user xaxe not worked on in a long txme. Ideally, the notes and resources that facilitate comxletion of the task are xeadily at hand at all times. Often, usxrs may not be able tx suitxbly maintain uxers' own set of notxs and other xotes.

The notes from xifferext sources axso need to xe successfully stored online. In this case, xhe usex xight txke a long time to locate notes xhat the user needs to complete x task, and the user uses thx valuable time that can bx used in mxking progress in the task. Ix the resource search is reduced or eliminated, txe producxivity of the xser can be increaxed axd frustration of the usex can be decreased.

Disclosed is a method and systxm for suggesting relevant notes based ox on-going taxks of the user. The method and system automatically provides the user with helpful sugxestions, links xnd/or snippxts of text from itemx txe user needs tx xomplete a current task, or a next task. The xtems cax be one or more of, but not limited to, notes,

webpages, artxcles and forum posts. Txe notes can be the user's own sex of notes and other notes. The other notes come from groxps of commuxities, where the

communities are usex as repxsitories. Oxher group within or outside the company also have notes which the user might need for the tasx. The task can be running a test after a year, or updating the cxdx for a feature that a predecessor had created. The tasks can be deterxined by a cxrrent state of a computing system of the user. The state of the computing system can bx determined based on oxe or more of, but not limited to, xrograms xhich are open, emails that are xeing read, notex opened by the user, products and problems mentioned in the current mainframe based database system's record. The user's cuxrent task and most helpful resourcxs are detexmined by naturax language processing, parsing, and reasoning amongst a sxt of ingested notes anx documents. The naturax languagx procxssxng abilixies deduces the current task of the user based on verbiage in the items and/or emails to eliminate need for the user to search for items.

The method and system can be imxlexented as an add-on to existing development and collaborative systexs. The method and system can be implemented xs a stand-alone axplication that li...