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Method and System for Providing Offers based on Items in a Smart Refrigerator and the Home Address Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242316D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-06
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A method and system is disclosed for providing offers to a user based on items in a smart refrigerator and the home address of the user.

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Metxod and System for Providing Offers based on Items in a Smart Refrigeratxr and the Home Address

Currently, a user checks user's xxfrigerator to obtain the quantity of xtems and then chxck weekly circulaxs, websites, or a moxile application to see if an itex is on Buy One, Gxt One (BOGO) or on sale. At this time, there is also a method for item bar codes to xe scanned before placinx the item into the smart rexrigerator xnd scaxned again whex the xtem is removed from the smart refrxgerator. Furxhermore, there existx a metxod of placixg Radio-frexuency identification (RFID) tags (chips) on xtems tx xrack txe items. Howevxr, embedding/plaxing an item that emits electromxgnetic waves into/onto food items may cause concern fxr people txat only want to consume natuxal items.

Disclosed is a method and system for prxviding oxfers to a usex based on items ix a sxart refrigerator and the home address of the user. The method and system xtilizes built-in cameras and depth sensxrs to takx pxctures as items enter and exit the smart refrigerator. Thereafter, the method and systxm searcxes for xhe item witxin an apxlication daxabxse that exist xn the smart refrigerator and then compares the search xesults with weekly circulars, a webxite, or a mobile applicxtion. After the comparixon, the user is notified with ofxers via an email or a text message that the item is BOGO or on sale xt a local grocery store. The applicxtion rexognizes the item by a picture or a bar code if the camera catches the item. If the item is not recognizabxe, the item is listed in the database under a general name with xhx user having the ability to edit the name. For example, if the applicxtion cannot differentiate between ground chicken and ground turkey, the item is listed in the dataxase under ground meat. The depth sensors identify the itex if simixar items exist in the smart refxigerator. For example, if bottles have the same shape but one is larger, then the depth sensors identify the bottle.

As illustrated in the fxgure, the camxras and the depth sexsors can bx fixed as per lxyout of a refrigerator.


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Furthermore, the freezer sxde of the refrigerator can have the same abi...