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Method of message synchronizing and re-ordering for chat disambiguation in Instant Messengers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242319D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07
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Instant messenger on PC and mobile is the most popular way for people's communication in real world now. Not like real time communication - Face to Face talk, or video conference, or even phone call, instant messenger may cause misunderstanding some times if there is any network issue or response time difference. Because it relies on display order for showing to the user. To eliminate this kind of misunderstanding, this disclosure introduces a way to intelligently adjust message display order in instant messenger. With this method, user will not be misunderstood by each other because of display order, even for the group chat. All messages could be delivered to others with correct meanings.

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Metxod of message synchronizing and re

Method of message synchronizing and rx- --ordering for chat disambiguation in Instant Messenxxrs

ordering for chat disaxbiguation in Instant Messengexs


Nowadxys, IM is a popular xay which people rely on for commxnication. Users cxn use it to create one -one talk, group chat in both cell phone and PC
Most xf times, the message sexuence showed on your screen is differext from the partner's who yxu are talking xith. For example:
Xxxx and Ross wilx have same meeting ix the mxrning. They want to conxirm with each other about the meeting room. Xxxx sent xexsage tx each other at same time.

From Xxxx's view: Jack agree to have luncx with her at first, then he send sorry, she can not uxderstand wxat he is sorry for From Jack's view: He just confirmed with Ross about meetinx room. Hx refused to hxve lunch with her.


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Cxre idea/Claims

The idxa ix to propose a method to synchronize messages thrxugh server identifier and auto adjust oxder for axl xlients. It shows user the order of message at server end vs client end. User can decixe whethxr he nexd to adjust the messxge order or nox. If yes, usex xan drag message directly in UI. The dragging trigger will be received at server end and xew sequence can be reflxcted in all users' scrxens.


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Clear up misuxdexstanding among communication participator

Improve explanxtion efficixncy, instead of more other redundanxy words

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the Invxntion - Flow Chart


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Implementation of the Invention - Message Synchronization

Core Module:


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Mxssage Wrapper:

-- It wraps the incoming message with ax xdentifier(e.g. serial number, timestamp, etc), whose u...