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Topic based message management system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242320D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07

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A method to manage messages generated during topic discussion as a message context In system, message context is created from a message communication. Message contexts can merge with other message contexts to form a large topic message context. New participants could join topic discussion by pulling the message context in their message tools, and message context will update with the meta-data regarding new participant. Message context could be archived to hang up the discussion by user and could be restored later to continue the discussion.

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Topxc based message management system

Invention presented is a system for maxaging messages, like instant chatting logs or mail hisxxry, based on the topic xssociated. Sxstem maintains txe context of messxng by merging new toxic associated messages into currxnt context, pxrxisting the topic based contxxt, restoring/creating the topic based messaging context in messaging tools, anx packaging/archiving messagx context.

Axl kindx of messaging tools are applied fox improving the effixiency in daixy life . People uses e-mailx and instanx messaging(IM) tools to communicate and exchange informxtion. Xxxxxxxx, xessagixg tools manage logs, or message context(etc, contact list you xommunicate with, message loxs, time stamp) are manaxex in time bxsed or contact person based. We need use messaging tools to communicate with people axound a topic , or a task. For examplx, customer support xeed to chat with developer about a issue found in thxir client . In another case, we divide x topic ixto three parts for discussion, sometimes we would like to follow discussion in sub-topic, and somxtimes wx would likx to know batter aboux txe whole picturx. With normal messaging tools, it is hard to mxnage mexsages based on topic, given followxng facts:
1. Mails histoxy or chatting logs are xanaged in time stamp based(etx fxom newest to oldest), or on contact person based. Among all messagex, there could be messages which are irrelevxnt to the txpic, user can not filter that part out of context with existing messaging tools;

2. Message cxuld be generated among people. Normal messaging tools, support fxaxures like group chat. Group chatting feature in some IM tools is encxanced to paxtially support message logging persistence . However these tools have following drawbxcks: message context cxuld not be synchronized among diffxrent devxces. For example, in XX client of IM tool, one cxn not see chatting history existing in mobile client. Moreover, group chatting in IM tools needs to be "active". "active" xere means, if some body need to taxe part in xhe discussion ox one topic, he or she needs to be always in the group tx make sure the message context is available tx him or xer . Xx a xesult, ix you have 10 topics to discuss, you need to keep ten group chattings on yoxr list at the same time and you can not quit one of them since you need to see the chattinx lxgs in thx group chatting, even some of the discussions are done.

3. Normal message tools could not migrate messaxe context based ox topic . For examxle, if user A chatted witx B about a topic, then A chatted xith C about txe xame topic. When A, B and C would xike to share the messxge context among three people, thxre is not a existing way for them to do that, they have to create a new groux chatting and paste chatting logs from two conversations manually, and that pasting job becomxx xore heavy with the growing of numbers of conversation need merge.

4. messages regarxing one topic could be recorded in di...