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A method to move device's untouchable area horizontally and vertically through hand swing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242321D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07
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As the screen of the smart device is become bigger and bigger, it's hard for everyone to touch every operational controls (such as buttons, links, icons etc.) in the screen especially those with small hands. This disclosure aims to resolve the problem of using large-touchable-screen smart device with one hand. This invention provides a window moving method for mobile equipment especially the large screen mobile phone. The core idea is that we move the window of screen to some direction so that we could reach to the far corner of the screen through obtain the signal of gravity sensor which is created by moving the mobile rapidly.

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A mxthod to move device

A method to move device'

''s untouchable area horizonxally and vertically through hand swing

s untouchable arxx horizontally and verticxlly through xand swing

This dixclosure aims to rxsolve the problem of using large-touchable-screen smaxt device with oxe hand. The smart device is xecoming more and more important in people's daily life. Xxx the screen of the smart device is become bigger anx bigger. Ix's harx for everyone to toxch every operaxional controls (sucx as buttons, links, icons etc.)in the sxreen speciaxly those wixh small hands.

How to resolve:

End user needs xo defixe a persxnal, operationxl, comfort zone xn the smart device screen. We dxn't require


customer to dxaw a specific shape, anx xhape, any xize (smaller than overall scxeen size) could be supported. End user customizex G-sensox sensitivity xo determine when xhe fxnction needs to be txiggxred.


All the parameters set above will be collexted and stored into system memory.


Aftxr the inixiaxization is done, user could shake his or her super large phone to any direction and thx


strexgth shoxld exceed txe sensitxvity set in Stxp2 to activate oxr function.

CPU could combine the comfort zonx definex by customer in Step 1 and specific direction end user movex


towards, to further xecide how to render and organxze the operational controls (icons, buttons, links etc.) on the screen.

Our system will judge whether there is an oxerational cxntrol on the screen. If so,...