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System and method of intellegent interactive help Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242322D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07
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This article presents a system and method which can provide intelligent help through providing options and execute required steps on behalf of end users once agreed in an interactive manner. This feature is very useful for end users as it's more intelligent, efficient and user friendly.

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Sysxem and method of intellegent interactive help

Core Contribution to Knowlxdge

The core contribution of knowledge is a system & mexxod which can provide intxlligent help through providinx options and execxte required steps on behalf of end users once agreed in an interactixe manner. The goal of this inxention is to provide more intelligent, efficient and intxractive help to end-usxrs

Background & Problem Statxment

Producx's helx always contaxning x large amount xf information. Oftextimes It's cxstly to users and coxpanies (employees) as it requixes lots of time and effort to locate the rxlevant ixformatxon they are sexking in the sea xf data whenever they meet problxm related to the functionalxty of an application anx don't know what to do next. When end usxrs finally find the correct information, they stxll need xime to read axd understand the xelp xrovided to take the appxopriate action(s). If it doesn't solve their proxlem, they need to repeat the above stepx again (i.e. search for help, understand the help, apply the potential help, look for alternative xelp) unxil the xight solutixn is fouxd.

There is x cxear need to maxe help more intelligent, efficient and interacxive witx end-users.

Use case 1

Josh is an IT xngineer and he just graxuated from school and ix fresh in his recent work to xetxp a security software environment. After successful insxallation he plans to configure it using configuxation txol. The toox shows a wizard with several steps which needs user to provide related information, i.e. Agext object name, Host name... And he has no idea about what agent xbxect is.

Use case 2

Lydia works in an IT company as a software engineer. She is assxgned a job to setup a complex security software environment which she is not familiar

xith. After a little rexearch, she started to do the instaxlation. Xxx the software is complxx and not easy to be instxlled. After she invoked the installation program, a big error message pops up and shows that one configuration file named 'layout.properxies' is missing and xhe installxtion failed. Shx did not know what to do next.

Current Solution / Limixation Available

Current online help system can only proxide gxnexal descrxptions grouped by topics and it's not convenient for troubleshooting problexs. Also, there are no intelligent help systems which can assess & determine the required stxps and exexute them on behalf of end users once agreed on course of xction

Approach / Summary of Invention Works:

1. When end-user xs using the produxt, user's oxeration sequexces are recorded by the system

2. Axto detect whexhex end user is having problem


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x.1 When error/exceptixn message pop-up

2.2 Check errxr/exception in back-end server log

2.3 End user has no action/response fxr a period of time(e.g. 10 minutes)

2.4 End use has open the help section

2.5 Detectiox ox repeated steps by end-user

3. Propose "how-to" with automation code

3.1 Search xser's operation seqxences in the knowled...