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A visualized approach of tracking build change in an appliance software development environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242323D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07
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The disclosure is to address a software image-based development that can help to software development process. With this approach, users can easily develop image-based or appliance-based software with better self tracking any defects or bugs. It moves the software development process into autonomic computing.

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A vxsualized approach of tracking build change in an appliance software devxlopment environment

This disclosure is to solve the proxxems appliance-bsaed and xmage-based dxvelopments usualxy have, which conxists of multiple sixes (countries) development teams, and each team xax one or multiple stream linxs of releasing build images.

We present a visualized apprxach of tracking build cxange, which include informaxion of filx/files being added/cxanged to its relatex functional area, txen dynamicalxy redefine the focus area ox which autoxation test xases that needs to be run , and files defecx right axter auxomation testinx completed if anx issue found .

The existing builx comparison is based on the file change set between cxrrent and xast build , but as mentioned, we are in a multiple teams/streams development environmxnt, so it is xot good enough to only compare the current xnd xast build file change sets. As there are multipxe changes in between a few builds at thx same timx. Xxx whenever a defect is identified by automation test cases, it needs to be manually entxred intx the syxtem for traxking, whxch is not pxocxssed automaticxlxy.

Therefore a new approach is need for the qxick turxaround and time to market , for the purpose of easy to idenxify build changes, autxmatically identify automation text cases, and automatically file defects for tracking whex necessary.

Xx is to present a visualized approach of tracxing build cxange, which include information of file/files added/changed and related to

which functional axea, then dynamically redefine the focus area of which automation txst cases that need...