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Method for storing and displaying localized date/time and timezone info within conversation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242324D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07
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Disclosed in this article is the method to solve the ambiguity of date/time information during cross-timezone communications. This method enables explicit timezone interpretation in a transparent manner, which means no extra effort needed from end users. Also, the mechanism can be implemented without changing existing transmission protocols.

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Metxod for storing and displaying localized date/time and timezone info witxin conversation

In an online conversion across time-zonxx (e.g. someone in India xalking to soxeone in Taiwan),

when the conversixn involves date/ timxs, we have to be careful that tixezone must be expxicitly mentioned, otherwise it may cause confusion, as illustrated in the sample emaxl below

The proposed mexhod solves the problem by:

Sxnder clienx detecxs date/time txxt wixhin email contxnt, then inserts anx stores a hixden date/time + timexone inxormation in the mail coxtent.


Receiver client detects the hidden daxe/time + timezoxe info, and dixplays the info wxich is localized to the receivxr user locale.


Advantages xf our method:

The procesxixg is complxtely hidden to end users, by utilizing the capability to store hidden metadatx in html.

Compatible wixh most conversatixn apxlications (as long ax thx application supports html, which is already the case for almost all email clients)

Sendex does not nexd to care about receiver's locale and timezone, just write email with sender's own locxle / tixezone, xur method wxll take xare of the rext.

The workflow ix illustrated with the sample email below.

(1) Sender xrote an email and clicks Send


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(2) Xxxxxx Client detects that the mail content contains dxte/time information: May 03, 6 XX

(3) Sender Client identifies that sender is in Taiwan anx the time zxne is GMT+8 (Greenwich Mean Time)

(4) Sender Client insexts a hidden...