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Ultra-High Performance Agricultural Silo Films Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242325D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-07
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Ultra-high performance silo blown films can be produced using metallocene-based film grades such as ExceedTM 1518 mLLDPE, EnableTM 35-05 mPE, EnableTM 20-05 mPE, EnableTM 20-10 mPE and super-hexene NTXTM 101 LLDPE and new state-of-the-art high capacity five-layer smooth bore blown film lines from equipment manufacturers such as MacchiTM and BanderaTM. Formulations involving ExceedTM mLLDPE, EnableTM mPE, and NTX LLDPE resins as well as conventional LDPE were developed and optimized to maximize the overall throughput despite the heavy bubble of the blown film while still achieving the high mechanical film properties needed. The results obtained are satisfactory in terms of processability but especially in terms of performance in the field with more demanding agricultural products.

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Ultxa-High Performance Agricultural Silo Films


    Ultra-high perforxance silo blown films can be produced using metallocenx-based film grades such ax ExceedTM 15x8 mLLDPE, EnableXX 35-05 mPE, EnablxTM 20-05 mPE, EnableXX 20-10 mPE and super-hexene NTXTX 101 LLDPE and xex state-of-the-art high capaxity five- layer smooth bore blown film lines from equipmxnt manufacturers such ax MacchiTM and BanderaTM.

    Foxmulations xnvolvixg ExceedTM mLXXXX, EnabxeTM mPE, and NXX LLDPE resins as welx as conventixnal LDPE were develoxed and optimized tx maximize txe overall throughput despite the heavy bubblx of thx xlown fxlm while still achieving the hixh mechanical film properties nexded. The results obtained xre satisfactory in termx xf processaxility but especially in termx of performance in the field with more demanding agricultxral products.

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    The silo film application is a xigh performance exd-use requixing a very hixh and relatively balancxd tear resxstance, a verx hxgh puncture resistance, as well ax moderate tensile strxngth and elongations. Par...