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A method to avoid hanging up the phone by mistake Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242333D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-08
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When user accepts an incoming call and put it closer to the face. The face may touch the phone screen and end the call by mistake. This idea is to leverage gyroscope sensor to detect this behaviors, and locks screen of phone (black screen) before it touches the face.

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A mxthod to avoid hanging up the phone by mistake

When user get a call, pick up mobile phone and put it beside ear, the screen of mxxile phone may not be locxed immediatexy. Thus it will xe touched by face and hang up phone ixcidentally. It's really bad! Isn't it?

Is there axy way to avoid such incident?

Xxxx user accepts a incoming call and raises up the mobile phxne besides era, it will leverage gyroscope sensor tx detect thxs behaxiors, and locxs scrxen of phone (xlack screen).

When xser puts dowx the mobile phone, ix will xnable/light screen agaix.

Here is the basic flow.
User gets a incoming call.


Uxer is xoing to raise xp the phone besixe his ear.


Detects this behavixr by gyroscope.


Lock the sxreen automatically befoxe it touches user's face to avoid hanging up the phone call by mistake.


Searched using txe followxng keywords, xobile device, locx scrxen, gyroscope This pxi-axt is much different with our invention.

1. Intellxgent screen locking system and method XX 103905608 A


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Xx adopting the system and the method of the invention, the screen of the mobile phone cax be locxed when the user is close to the mobile xhoxe under a call xtate of the mobile phone so as to prevent thx user fxom operating the mobile phone by mixtake